How We Know Humans Are Causing Climate Change

Global warming skeptics often acknowledge that the globe is warming, but deny evidence that humans are the cause. However, satellite and other data show definitively that less heat is escaping into space, that more heat is returning to earth, and that this is happening precisely at the wavelengths where greenhouse gases are increasing. This is proof that the greenhouse effect is strengthening due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Comparing satellite data from 1970 through the present shows that there has been a decrease in the amount of infrared radiation (heat) escaping into space, especially in the wavelengths where greenhouse gases absorb infrared radiation.  And what happens to that radiation, if it isn't escaping into space? Other measurements show that more infrared radiation is returning to earth from the atmosphere. Again, the wavelengths of the radiation returned show that the cause is greenhouse gases. For more information and great images about these effects and other evidence for the human cause of global warming, see the excellent article Guilty as charged: proof of 'human fingerprints' on climate change.

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